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When Will you ever learn Out Now!


silver lining


Driven by a love for music and a love for helping others, Silver Lining was
formed in 2015 by brothers Justin and Aaron Cottner as well as Phillip Bullock
 Silver Lining stands firmly behind the belief of using music as an outlet
for negative feelings with most of their lyrics revolving around internal
self-hate and depression. The goal of Silver Lining has always been to
spread their music in hopes of reaching as many other people as possible,
with lyrics surrounding many dark “taboo” things of life such as suicidal thoughts and self-harm.
Releasing their first EP in 2017 “When Will You Ever Learn” Silver Lining
has secured a strong foothold in their music scene and is on the rise in the Midwest with plans to travel further than they ever have before.

Vocals, Guitar / Aaron Cottner
Bass / Phillip Bullock
Drums / Justin Cottner


when will you ever learn.jpg

When Will You Ever Learn

by Silver Lining